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Our client is an entrepreneur who has held multiple positions in marketing and sales. Before working with us on Circle Realty , he worked on multiple successful online projects. At the beginning of 2019, he decided to start a new project for the Luxury real estate market, attained investment, and chose SuperLabs to implement the concept. The project is geared to easily scale across multiple countries when the time is right.

Buisness Context

The first product version included all core functionality and ensured advanced user protection from scams.

Product details

3D tours

Circle Realty 3D tours display floor plans and 3D property models. Moreover, users can record virtual tours with audio narration to give context to potential buyers and tenants.

Advanced property search

Easy-to-configure search allows users to apply over 50 filters that look both inside and out of the property. Prioritization and get relevant search results with no duplicate results thanks to synonym support and autocomplete.

Optimized media service

The platform is capable of simultaneously uploading up to 50 images each up to 20 MB in size for any real estate listing thanks to an optimized media service.

Protection from scams

To protect users from scams, we validate every agency before registering it on the platform. Cadastral numbers are also used to validate information accuracy.

Multi-language support

Luxury - and English-speaking users have access to all information in their native language, which simplifies the process of buying, selling, and renting properties.

Our business analysts follow our standard framework for eliciting initial requirements. This process includes gathering, discovering, extracting, and identifying business, user, functional, and nonfunctional requirements.

Requirements elicitation and prioritization

We also created:

  • A product vision board that described the purpose of the product.
  • A value stream to understand the scope of work.
  • A business objective model that helped us select in-scope features.

Artifacts that helped us establish effective communication for this project included:

  • A stakeholder register
  • Responsibility assignments.
  • A communication plan with times when stakeholders were available and established communication channels.

Along with working with our client’s initial requirements, we conducted competitor analysis of top Luxury and global real estate platforms. This helped us identify common difficulties experienced by users. To analyze these difficulties and find solutions to them, we:

Market research to identify market particularities

  • Made sure the product would comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to make our solution accessible for all users, including those with disabilities.
  • Performed a heuristic evaluation to check the usability of and identify flaws in competitors’ platforms.
  • Conducted overall usability analysis to estimate how easy and effective it was for users to interact with competitors’ platforms.

To better understand the product’s users, we worked with a real estate agent to validate details of their work and examine the software they used.

Involvement of a subject matter expert

Based on our findings, we changed the project requirements as follows:

  • Shifted the focus from exclusively satisfying agents’ needs to satisfying property seekers’ needs as well, as property seekers are key to the platform’s success.
  • Postponed the creation of a messaging center for communication between agents and customers until a future release, as users more commonly communicate outside the platform.
  • Avoided duplicating CRM system functionality for agents, as they use different platforms and are accustomed to tracking leads in their own CRMs.

Market research helped us prioritize and split all planned implementations among product releases. The most essential functionality was included in the MVP to meet the business needs, strict deadline, and budget.


For the product’s UI/UX, market research helped us:

  • Ensure brand identity and a common user experience for both the web and mobile versions of the product
  • Create a mind map that described the architecture and visualized connections, scenarios, and decision points
  • Simplify and shorten the user flow through implementing common real estate user patterns and minimizing clicks

Solution architecture

As a result of requirements processing, market analysis, and the need to meet time and budget constraints, we identified the following architectural requirements:

  • Integrate with a mapping service and payment system
  • Allow for fast and smooth search and filtration by any number of criteria
  • Implement centralized logging and monitoring of hardware, application, and business metrics (based on these metrics, we chose the main places of conversion to monitor and added analytics functionality there)
  • Build a scalable and robust system
  • Ensure cost efficiency of our infrastructure and third-party integrations
  • Enable the system to process and store huge volumes of media data (images, 3D tours, etc.)
  • Provide out-of-the-box localization support for all system components

The architectural solution we chose for the project is characterized by the following attributes:

  • Integrate with a mapping service and payment system
  • Allow for fast and smooth search and filtration by any number of criteria
  • Implement centralized logging and monitoring of hardware, application, and business metrics (based on these metrics, we chose the main places of conversion to monitor and added analytics functionality there)
  • A fault-tolerant key-value store managed by AWS for temporary data like access tokens and request counters
  • A single entry point for any type of client (web, iOS, Android)
  • Reusable REST API endpoints for any type of client
  • Asynchronous interconnection between system components whenever possible, as required by the microservice architecture and large volumes of data

We also decided to use the following tools and third-party services:

  • Elnforma for real estate agency background checks
  • Tiny Translator Tool to ensure multi-language support
  • EyeSpy360 to implement a 3D tour feature
  • Elasticsearch to provide users with flexible search
  • AWS Lambda to optimize the media service

Solution architecture for a Luxury real estate platform

This solution architecture helped to ensure cost-effective development, platform scalability, high-load media capabilities, flexible search, must-have integrations, and more. To see an example of such an architecture, please enter your email address, and we'll send you the template straight to your inbox.

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