We Strive To Be A Trusted Development Partner That Works Closely With Our Clients To Achieve Outstanding Outcomes.

There are inherent challenges and risks when developing new products and technologies. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable team is crucial for success. However, success requires more than just technical acumen, it requires strong relationships nurtured by honest services and tangible results.

Not All Projects Are The Same.

They can last from hours to years and require one engineer or many. Clients are no less diverse. SuperLabs has worked with single-person startups to established multi-national corporations.

SuperLabs’s years of experience and expertise have resulted in well-honed processes for quick and cost-effective product development. We can provide complete turnkey solutions, or we can help you with any steps in the following processes

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Define Project Scope And Design Constraints

When you partner up with us, we outline all of your project requirements, budget constraints, and within a given timeline.

Getting to know you and your team is just as important as the technical aspects of your project. That is why we take the time to integrate with everyone on board in order to move the project forward as smoothly as possible.


Research & Initial Concept Design

Research existing solutions.

Generate original practical solutions for product.

Generate concept designs.

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Proof Of Concept

Design proof of concept test.

Create physical prototypes for testing.

Outline testing verification criteria.


Engineering Analysis

Preform technical/engineering analysis.

Preform aesthetic analysis.

Finite element Analysis.

Physical testing

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final design product image


Final Design & Full Prototype

Generate 3D CAD model with engineered and analyzed parts.

Document bill of materials and component cost analysis.

Explore patent ability and begin potential legal protection process.


Manufacturing Plan

Generate part manufacturing/engineering drawings.

Plan manufacturing strategy.

Send part files and documentation for manufacturing quotes.

Generate cost analysis for initial production run.

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Marketing Renders

Generate marketing renders for product marketing material.

Generate user instructions/drawings.

Create product animation renders.


Project Delivery

3D Part Files.

Engineering Drawings.

Manufacturing Documentation.

Marketing Renders.

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