Change isn’t just constant, it’s intensifying—in frequency and importance. The ability to continuously change, at speed and at scale, is now essential to high performance. Results360® combines our deep expertise with state-of-the-art tools and training to provide you with everything you need to master change—not just once, but continuously.

earn how we think about change.

How We Can Help

Change Power Index®

A fast and effective tool that measures your organization’s ability to change and benchmarks you against best-in-class companies.

Results Delivery® Office

Our unique approach to orchestrating your change program, using Agile to deliver quick results and our proprietary risk dialogue to remove roadblocks.

Co-creation and Team Collaboration

Don’t let the urgent crowd out the important. Unleash the power of your people with our unique Co-creation and Team Collaboration program. It’s a highly effective way to generate the ideas and insights that fuel growth.

ARC℠ by Bain

Action. Results. Collaboration.® ARC is a state-of-the-art transformation management tool that is fast, flexible, and secure.

Bain Academy℠

We provide customized learning experiences led by Bain experts who combine deep domain knowledge with real-world perspectives.

Full Potential Transformation

When you need to take bold steps to alter your strategic, operational and financial trajectory.

Leadership & Talent

Because your strategy depends on the traits and skills of the people who execute it.


Diligence demands knowledge of a company’s talent mix. Aura makes it accurate and easy to understand.

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