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Rush builds the first of its kind deep networked stores beneficial for brick & mortar and shoppers alike, using the network you can shop instantly across all stores in your location

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SuperLabs brings together a unique & holistic approach to all its works, we would be able to provide end to end solutions on your needs from idea, concept, prototype to market. All done by our experts, leaving no gaps in the process ensuring a strong foundation.

We go over design, development, methodology, solutions & approach that we’ve implemented in order to achieve the results. These stories provide valuable insights for those who want to dive deep into our process.



Digital technologies and analytics are transforming agriculture, making a farm’s field operations more insight driven and efficient. Digital-based farm services are helping to improve financial performance and boost yield, with an estimated 9.6 billion people on the planet by 2050, overall food production needs to double in a relatively short period of time to meet the demand.

Discover how technology advancements can change agriculture, food system & sustainability.


There are many decisions to consider when building & executing the appropriate manufacturing strategy. Understanding how these decisions link to the overall business strategy, are empowered or driven by technology & impact the company’s financial performance is one of the most effective ways companies can progress toward high performance.

Find how data driven manufacturing can drastically affect overall business



The number of purchase points is exploding and social networks offer new sources of influence. Family, friends and celebrities affect and inspire purchasing decisions, leading to customers buying something they desire from someone they trust in the moment. In order to stay relevant and win over customers, retailers need to understand their customer’s purpose.

Learn how we are driving retail technology with unified systems

Real Estate

Whether looking to increase net operating income or reduce costs, our global platform of experienced real estate professionals and state-of-the-art tools produce meaningful portfolio information for your team to make effective strategic decisions. REITs, owners, asset managers and investors today face unprecedented threats from digital disruption, data explosion and heightened customer expectations.

Learn about our real estate asset services capabilities

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Advancing the art of storytelling.When it comes to creating customer experiences that surprise and delight, imagination fuels the development of the new stories and worlds, But bringing these entertainment experiences to life also requires the spark of technology.

Shift to experience-led platform that become unstoppable providers of immersive customer experiences.


Lifelong learning is now essential. The future of work will see people having multiple careers over a much longer working life than they do today. As technology disrupts our society, we need to both adapt to working with technology and to shifting to new careers, as technology and automation augment traditionally human tasks.

Innovating the learning experience, more than just an upgrade.


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We take a holistic approach towards any problem & ensure end to end solutions.